2019 Installation of

Officers & Awards Banquet

January 19, 2019

I‎ntroduction & Installation of Officers

Hereford Vol. Fire Company Officer’s for 2019



Fire-line Officers

 Fire Chief: Chuck Bollinger

Assistant Chief: Mark Gardner

Captain: Herbert Taylor

1st Lieutenant: Scott Bachman

2nd Lieutenant: Taylor Russell

3rd Lieutenant: Louis Stiffler 3rd

Engineer: Chris Lang

Assistant Engineer: George Lang


Administrative Officer

 President: Ron Campion

Vice President: Sue Croft

Recording Secretary: Chuck Frederick

Assistant Recording Secretary Gregory Leyko

Treasurer: Christina Berkey

Assistant Treasurer: Stephanie Lang

Financial Secretary: Debbie Bollinger

Chaplain: Keith Peters

Assistant Chaplain: Joe Raab

Board of Directors

 Fred Stiffler, Board Chairman

Justin Kinsey, Vice Chairman

Arlene Sheats, Board Secretary

Scott Bachman, Tyler Bello, Chuck Frederick,

Phil Kearney, Mark Shelley, Wayne Smith

Recognize our Top Ten Responders for 2018

The company responded to 739 calls in 2018

The company responded to 739 calls in 2018 which was an increase of

126 calls over the previous year.

Our Top responder for 2018 was Chief Chuck Bollinger with 639 calls

of the 739 for the year.  Chuck responded to 86% of the calls.


2. Jack Roberts                   625       or    71%

3. Mike Hoshall                    445      or    60%

4. Christian Falkenhan        400      or    54%

5. Mark Gardner                  395      or    53%

6. Ron Campion                 359       or    48%

7. Justin Oehrl                     270       or    37%

8. Herb Taylor                     214       or    28%

9. Brandon Summers          191       or    26%

10. Wayne Smith                 190       or    25%



Recognize Top Ten Training hours:

1. Louis Stiffler III                 248 hours

2. Christian Falkenhan        130 hours

3. Anthony Oliver                  111 hours

4. Joe Raab                          105 hours

5. Chuck Bollinger               85 hours

6. Paul Gleitsmann              37 hours

7. Mark Gardner                    35 hours

8.  Chris Lang                      30 hours

9. Cayden Blizzard            28 hours

10. Justin Kinsey                 25 hours

Recognize Top Ten Duty hours:

1.    Sue Croft                      332 hours

2-    Chuck Bollinger           312 hours

3.    Ron Croft                      303 hours

4.    Ron Campion               142 hours

5.    Greg Leyko                   122 hours

6.    Christina Berkey          116 hours

7.    Betsey Mellin                113 hours

8.    Wayne Smith                   96 hours

9.    Stephanie Lang                95 hours

10.    Deborah Campion          91 hours

Perfect Meeting Attendance 2018:

Ron Campion

Chuck Bollinger

Chris Klapaska

Ron Croft

Yeas of Service Awards

5. Year

Paul Gleitsmann 

10 Years

Thomas Al-Naber

Keith Peters

Jack Roberts

Zachary Mellin

15 Years

Melissa Ensor

30 Years

Ronald Campion

Ron joined the Hereford Volunteer Fire Company on March 22, 1988.  In his 30 years as a member he has held Fire Line offices and Administrative positions including Vice President and President. As President he appointed a team to revise our out dated By-laws. Ron has taken on the demanding challenge of keeping our LOSAP information current.  Ron is also very active with Summit Manor hall rentals.


40 Years

Herb Taylor

Herb joined The Hereford Volunteer Fire Company on May 22, 1978.  Herb has held numerous Administrative and Fire Line offices in his time with us.  One cold and snowy day many years ago as we returned from a call we noticed a car on the apron in front of the station.  It only took a minute to discover a very, very pregnant lady in the car.  Herb jumped into action and within minutes delivered a baby girl.  I kind of think she would be in her 30’s now.

Herb decided to make a career as a firefighter with Baltimore County Fire Department.  He was appointed to the department on April 4, 1981, rising to the rank of Lieutenant and retired December 30, 2006.






55 Years

Phil Kearney

Phil joined the Hereford Volunteer Fire Company on January 1, 1964.  In his 55 years Phil has held numerous Fire Line offices including Chief and he has served several times on the Board of Directors.  On a couple of occasions he has chaired the Turkey & Oyster Supper committee.  Phil is a good painter and has volunteered to paint things including the tin roof on the old building.   More recently he has painted things around the station like the Dayroom, Hallway and has even tacked the Summit Manor a couple of times.  Phil is also a great help with the Summit Manor Team.

Phil made a career as a career Firefighter with Baltimore County Fire Department.  Phil was appointed to BCFD on November 28th, 1964 and retired on February 1, 1991 after 27 years of service at the rank of Battalion Chief.  Before joining Hereford Fire Phil was a member of Cockeysville which he joined in 1961. And Butler? 







60 Years

Thomas (Mike) Hoshall

60 years of service or well over 23,000 days or 552,000 hours what and accomplishment.

Mike joined the Hereford Volunteer Fire Company when he was in his early 20’s on May 1, 1958.  Mike has held the offices of Engineer and Assistant Engineer in the 70’s and has severed on the Board of Directors several times in his 60 years with the company. Mike also looks after our water treatment system.  On hot spring and summer days Mike makes sure that there is a cooler of ice water on the equipment. Mike gets up early each morning and enjoys a coffee with Smokey at the station.

This is the first time in several years that Mike is not our Top Responder but is still in the top 3.