2020 Installation of

Officers & Awards Banquet

January 18, 2020

Report From the Offiice of the Prsident


Ron Campion

Report From

The Top of the Laddar


Taylor Russell

Report on last year

Assistant Chief

Mark Gardner

Summit Manor

Year End Report

Vice President

Sue Croft

Fund Drive

Year End Report

Fund Drive Chairperson

Deborah Campion

Installation of Officers & Awards Banquet

Hereford Vol. Fire Company Officer’s for 2020

Color Guard 

            FF Cecil Barone, FF James Crowe, FF Cayden Blizzard, FF Jacob Minton


Fire-line Officers for 2020









Fire Chief: Taylor Russell

Asst. Fire Chief: Mark Gardner

Captain: Herb Taylor

1st Lt: Louis Stiffler III

2nd Lt: Christian Falkenhan

3rd Lt: Paul Gleitsmann

  Stephanie Lang

Engineer: Chris Lang

Asst Engineer: Steve Gore


Administrative Officer for 2020

President: Ron Campion

Vice-President: Sue Croft

Recording Secretary: Chuck Frederick

Asst. Recording Secretary: Greg Leyko.

Treasurer: Christina Berkey

Asst. Treasurer: Stephanie Lang

Financial Secretary: Justin Oehrl

Chaplain: Joe Raab

Asst. Chaplain: Keith Peters

Board of Directors for 2020

 Fred Stiffler, Board Chairman

Justin Kinsey, Vice Chairman

Arlene Sheats, Board Secretary

Chuck Frederick

Phil Kearney

Mark Shelley

Tyler Bello

Chuck Bollinger

Justin Oehrl

​Junior Board Member,  Cayden Blizzard

Speeches by Officers and Committees


Awards presentation


Recognize our Top Ten Responders for 2019

Presented by President Ron Campion & Chief Taylor Russell


The company responded to 680 calls in 2019.

Our Top responder for 2019 was Chief Chuck Bollinger with

573 calls for the year.  Chuck responded to 84% of the calls.


2. Cayden Blizzard                         464 or 68% of the call

3: Jack Roberts                              447 or 66% of the calls

4. Mike Hoshall                              360 or 53% of the call

5: Justin Oehrl                               352 or 52% of the calls 

6. Christian Falkenhan                 351 or 52% of the calls

7. Wayne Smith                              341 or 50% of the calls

8. Mark Gardner                            314 or 46% of the calls

9. Herb Taylor                                311 or 46% of the calls

10. Brandon Summers                   283 or 42% of the calls


Recognize Top Ten Training hours for 2019

A total of 1,870 hours by 10 members.

Presented by President Ron Campion & Assistant Chief Mark Gardner


1: Christian Falkenhan                  312 hours

2: Tara Alban                                 270 hours

3. Louis Stiffler III                           208 hours

4: Cayden Blizzard                         200 hours

5: Maria Agresta Workman             171 hours

6: Deborah Stiffler                          170 hours

7: Ethan Yates                               137 hours

8: Zachary Mellin                           134 hours

9: Jacob Minton                             121 hours

10: Taylor Russell                          118 hours


Recognize Top Ten Duty hours for 2019

A total of 1,711 hours.

Presented by: President Campion & Assistant Chief Gardner

  1. Chuck Bollinger                    372 hours

  2. Ron Croft                              237 hours

  3. Sue Croft                              208 hours

  4. Elizabeth Mellin                     162 hours

  5. Christina Berkey                   143 hours

  6. Justin Oehrl                          136 hours

  7. Herb Taylor                           123 hours

  8. Conrad Mellin                       115 hours

  9. Cayden Blizzard                    111 hours

  10. Taylor Russell                      104 hours


Perfect Meeting Attendance 2019:

Presented by: Secretary Chuck Frederick & Assistant Secretary Greg Leyko

Wayne Smith

Herb Taylor

Awarding of Service Pins

We will now acknowledge the years of Service that some of our

members have reached.  The combined years of service total an

amazing 220 years for these men and women.

Presented by President Campion, Vice President Croft,

Chief Russell, Assistant Chief Gardner


5 Years of Service


Christine Berkey

Gregory Leyko

Brad Sommers

                                Everett Taylor                                 


10 Years of Service


Tyler Bello

Justin Oehrl


15 Years of Service


Steve Gore

Justin Kinsey

Stephanie Lang

Anthony Oliver


25 Years of service and our new Life Member Deborah Bollinger


Deborah joined the Hereford Volunteer Fire Company on September 26, 1994. Doing her 25 years with the company she has held the offices of Chaplain 1995 through 2011 and Financial Secretary 2012 through 2019.  She now becomes Hereford Fire Company’s newest Life Member.  Congratulations Deborah.



35 Years of Service Mark Shelley


Mark joined Hereford Volunteer Fire Company on March 25, 1984.  Mark has held the Fireline office of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Lt., as well as served on the Board of Directors several times.  Back in the day of the Turkey & Oyster Suppers Mark was number 2 man on the dishwasher right behind Cooper. Cooper taught him everything he knew about dishwashers.  Mark is now an active part of the Summit Manor rental Team from floor maintenance to managing the rentals.


45 Years of Service Wayne Smith

Wayne joined Hereford Volunteer Fire Company May 28, 1974. Wayne has held the line offices of 1st, 2nd, 3rd Lt., Asst. Engineer, Assist. Chief, and the office of President for 14 different terms and served on the Board of Directors as well as several other committees over his 45 years with the fire company.  Wayne presently is serving on the Fall Festival and the Food Truck committees.


55 Years of Service Ron Croft


Ron joined Hereford Volunteer Fire Company on January 15, 1965. Ron has held most Fireline offices including Chief 1981 to 1983.  Ron has served on and chaired numerous committees over his 55 years including Fundraising, Fund Drive, Truck Committee, Building Committee and served on the Board of Directors. He was liaison officer for BCVFA for Central District in the 70’s.  He now serves on the Bull & Oyster Roast Committee, Fall Festival and Food Truck committees.  Ron is also Chairman of the Summit Manor Rental Team and

Web Master for the company.

2019 Year in Review

Video by Cory & Tyler Bello

Photoes by George Lang