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The Hereford Volunteer Fire Company has been responding to emergencies in the Hereford Zone and surrounding areas for 97 years! 100% of our members are volunteers. They represent a wide variety of industries, including accountants, engineers, police officers, ministers, farmers, and more.


This past year we purchased a new state of the art fire engine, set to be delivered this fall. (This will replace old Engine 441 which was becoming costly to maintain.) The new engine will dramatically improve our abilities to serve you and your neighbors in time of need. The cost is over $600,000 and without our large fundraisers, like Hereford Fall Fest, we are very much in need of your monetary contributions to help us cover this enormous cost. 


As diverse as we are, our members are united in our belief that this community is worth the investment of time and effort needed to protect our neighbors. Through these uncertain times - and amid a global pandemic - when you need help, we respond (597 times last year) and now your community’s first responders need YOUR help. 


Now more than ever, your support of the Hereford Volunteer Fire Company is crucial for us to fulfill our mission of preserving lives and property in and around the Hereford Zone. Due to the government issued restrictions, cancellations, and closures during this pandemic, it has placed a severe strain on our fundraising efforts. The looming possibility that this pandemic will have a long lasting effect, means we will need to rely heavily on you, during this pivotal time in our nation's history.


Being able to protect our community members from all an array of dangerous environments is our biggest concern. Doing that well, with the most efficient tools, is a costly reality. We ask for your donations to purchase  the  new  Engine  441  and  help us keep the Hereford Zone safe! You can donate below on the Gofundme icon. 


THANK YOU! - Your Friends at HVF

Help us pay for the new Fire Engine


Delivery April 2022 Seagraves Fire Engine

Watch for More Detail

Specifications for Our New Fire Engine

SEAGRAVES 2021 -C.jpg
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